Everyday Miracles


Listen to stories of hope, encouragement and God moments from across the Illawarra. 

Together For The Illawarra has collaborated with Kingdom Connections Illawarra (KCI) to bring to you Everyday Miracles, a collection of testimonies gathered from over 40 churches across our region. You may have heard a few of these short snippets on Pulse 94.1; normal people in our community sharing stories about how the power of God has moved in their lives in one way or another.

Everyday Miracles will be released weekly in our podcast. We pray that you would be encouraged by these testimonies and empowered to tap into the presence of God in your own lives.

The Everyday Miracles series will be hosted on the Together For The Illawarra Podcast.

It is available on most Podcast streaming services including SpotifyGoogle Podcasts ( more Podcast services will be added).

Below are the history and vision behind Everyday Miracles (by Darryl Stewart).


In late 2016, my heart was stirred when hearing stories about answers to prayer and God’s intervention in the lives of day-to-day people across our region.
I felt strongly that these personal stories are valuable, able to bless, inspire and give hope to others who are going through a similar journey. After discussion with the station manager of Pulse 941 and a few people here in Illawarra, I began a journey of visiting local churches to record testimonies.

By the end of 2019, I had visited approximately 40 local churches and groups. The method was usually that during the coffee break after the church service, people volunteered to tell a story or two. We seem to always run out of time before we ran out of people and stories! The stories were broadcast on Pulse 941 as “Everyday Miracles”.

I am continuously amazed when hearing these stories from normal people like you and me. I am convinced that God is still working powerfully here in our region. There are some churches that struggle with modern day miracles, or the definition of miracles itself. The people who experienced and told these stories do not have a problem. They knew when God had stepped into their lives beyond what could be called a coincidence or good fortune. But nobody is perfect, and some stories simply tell of the greatness of God, and that’s fine. None that were recorded have been left out.

These 60-90 second recordings aren’t professionally edited like they are at Pulse 941 before going to air. There may be clicks, breathing, background noises, and the occasional extra comment. It’s all very ‘warts and all’. Being “Everyday” Miracles, some may seem pretty ordinary. However I feel the importance is that these people are experiencing God in their lives. It’s not our part to ‘judge’, but to celebrate God’s works in and through HIs children.

Jesus was born in an animal shed, lived in an ordinary village, made friends with the ‘poor in spirit’, and was hung on a cross alongside 2 criminals.
This is the ‘Upside Down Kingdom’.

As at June 2020 our library stood at around 430 Everyday Miracles.

If you would like to share your stories as part of ‘Everyday Miracles’, please contact hello@togetherfortheillawarra.orga.au